Supervision 13/May/2016

General Notes

Arts C229

There seems to be an improvement on the build of my own voice (I hope) rather than the quote but coming pup with the awareness that there is a limit in the research proposal of 10 pages (currently I have 27 with images 1.2 space)

Further changes include:

Bring forward (to the beginning part) the mention of 3 areas being the core of the research in that order Geography, Visual Culture and Expanded Media

Need more clarity on the Practice/Timeline maybe with the mentioning of an example project or idea of first project (Remix example) to say what I’m actually gonna do

Take out the quotes towards the end of Research Context that are talking more about methodology and link methodology to my previous work or experimentation I’m doing right now (link to diary, though need to update stuff from the past that is in the notebooks and that I went or did XD)

Keep in mind that there would be a Review Report of both Emile and Simon talking about my work and my 10 page proposal and that’s what will be discussed in the 10min conversation including training needs and ethical review

Chapters section:
*Terminology should become descriptive in narrative rather than a list
*Introduction should introduce research relative to 3 main areas (Ge/VisCl/ExM)
*Methods chapter between chapter 2 and chapter 3

Be aware that Methodology would be the one to tie together Theory and Practice

Derrida quote on complex cultures I’m using it on one hand because it is defining culture and there is also the narrative and visual to analyse 

When I talk about the everyday life and culture I’m grounding myself mainly on geography but I’m using complex cultures because I think in terms of networks and different yet complex connections (example response on different types of Mexican to Trump video – check rant on previous post about Political Remix) nevertheless there is always individuals or sub-cultures connected and working as a network

Mapping localities -> Complex cultures = networks -> geography/visual culture talking to each other
*might be useful to create charts, sketch or diagrams on how I articulate the connections starting with the Mexican reaction to Trump Political Remix Video (again previous post)

To Do:

Clarify Practical Approach and Research Questions (to send)

Change concept of “prosumers” to producer-consumer as it is not defined and could loss-clarity by being associated to marketing and the professional consumer used in the 90′s to talk about normal average people that now have the access to professional equipment like iphone recording in 4K

In the training put, for example, how learning Processing will be relevant to Remix as well as add possible activities to 1st Year (possible 1st and second project) for example like Eboman who uses Processing to create VJ responsive to his body samples

Say how mapping is gonna work -> examples of work -> further specify what type of data visualisations (similar to my previous work or different?)

Training needed is gonna be mainly technical stuff and skills heavy but good thing is that engagement and impact are both connected in the way my practice work -> mention also my participation in external courses like library how to write thesis in humanities, etc. 

Look at glossary on Practice of Looking book to expand my definitions on history of visual culture to further define types of Remix ex. appropriation p.350

*For geography look at the Dictionary of human geography

Correct using both notation drafts from Emile and Simon and send re-structured research questions so that they connect with methodology to clearly specify and become strong to discuss (open to change later)

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