Emile’s office – Silverstone

General Notes

I can make the decisions on when to meet and when to take time off, so I sort of lead the meetings but is important to create a SCHEDULE to send to Emile and Simon regarding WRITING time and CREATIVE PRACTICE time. In the official meetings we can discuss work and then depending on my call or achievements modify the SCHEDULE setting realistic goals.

It would be relevant as well to show Emile some samples of the work I’m doing right now (Photoshop mock ups of city and virtual space as 3D logo signs) since he is involved in some Participatory Design conferences, workshops and meetings that in the future could become relevant for me.

We discussed the idea of seeing the difference between an installation and a manageable prototype, about collaboration and spaces around Brighton. I suggested my mock up idea of recreating the Photo Studio as a gallery space to gather high quality documentation of people interacting with the pieces. Emile kindly advised that the Attenborough Space could become a reality is we wanted to showcase the work perhaps in the cafeteria or gallery space there, since he is keen to help with the contact and approach for it to become a reality.  

He recommended I thing on the simplest mock-up possible and then from that focus on the options of visualization, mostly to get the idea out.

Since he understands there is a disconnection between my work in the Academic Space and the “real” art/design/installation work he said to constantly remind him if I need guidance, input or Networking (some people in mind in the USA) to share my work with when a more package version of it is available. 

It’s important to understand and perceive my work as to what would help me best express or work with me as individual, is video projection useful? sound triggering? Kinect? processing? Is it actually doing what I want? Is it worth it to spend on the technology and learning? (Sometimes it depends on the path I want to pursue after PhD) since for example VR is the trend now and learning could help people interested in hiring others with those abilities but It could be that VR doesn’t suit the creative personality, etc. Another example is the people that become curators rather than sending their own work to events due to the opportunities but also because curating allows them to keep a degree of control on how things are displayed, performed, etc.

It’s alright to take time off to rest and come back to work fresh. (:D) Maybe a new technique depending on how I work best would be to allow for example 4 days of Processing experimentation but keeping in mind that although Creative Practice work is needed there is always pending Writing to do and focus on. Specially thinking in the next evaluation. 

If collaborating is needed is also in terms of thinking on getting more technical assistance, since there is always no time to fully develop or no money. Limitations will remain but they could also become possibilities to acquire or reach new people, work ensemble, etc. It also involves understanding that for example interactive games work as a team project due to time and skills expertise but they also involve human skills to work as a team, etc. 

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