Supervision 24/April/2017

Arts C – 10.30am – 11.30

General Notes:

VIRAL -> define the term trough a reference or quote since the first time that is mentioned is important. Bring in again term/reference for each chapter.

Keep self-contained chapters so that they can be read separately but work en conjunto. This means taking the time to re-explain and frame in which terms I’m talking or using specific yet important topics like Viral, Culture, meme, etc.

“I borrow the definition of the viral from theorist… when he says…“ (theoretical scholarly foundation)

When I talk in terms of humour it seems to be more accurate to describe it as satire to narrow the term. The kind of humour is then satire since it is used as critique.

VITAL -> to take life of their own

Address the idea that it seems as though online everything is changing and the problematic is huge whereas sometimes the reality in the physical world is that nothing is happening, there is no change or it looks like nothing is happening. Ex. Saqueos en las calles en toda la República por el aumento a la gasolina cuando en realidad no sucede mucho en las calles. Or expressing discomfort in Trump or other causes bit little to no protest (marchas) are happening and it seems like just another normal day.

Doesn’t shift protocol -> still the same -> online % everyday -> this difference on online world and “real” world is another BORDER 

ANALYSIS: Seems that I am using a user-centered design so mention it -> “I’m approaching from a user-centered design” since I’m focus on who the speaker is along with from where they are speaking (Mexican users creating memes online and platforms they use)


Keep working on prototypes parallel to research work along with constant update of Log (Log can be divided into two, 1 creative work and 2 theoretical context) 

Prepare the FINAL IDEA or concept on how I perceive the final project outcome, ex. as an installation, website, both, video project, etc. To have a clear picture and also start addressing the needs of renting a space or venue and see who or how I would approach to achieve this

Discuss with Mel (in the near future mini VIVA) my ideas since she is a photojournalist and ask her advice in terms of venue if I see my final project as an exhibition

Web exhibition? -> FINAL PROJECT ? -> Projectors + Visual TV’s (recall the Sweden Museum pictures of the visual exhibitions on video)

*Keep in mind that the Creative Zone Space in Physics department seems to cease to exist or we are not granted access anymore, maybe they are only remodeling but the new Attenborough Place could have a space to offer either that or book and prototype in the TV studio

STATEMENT -> ENCAPSULATE FINAL SHOW -> DIGITAL SKETCHES (explain how the exhibition would look like with, for example, with projection or computers) and use those sketches to APPROACH STUDIOS in Brighton


Submission Deadline 16th May

  • Chapter 1 & 2 (Draft Form) 
  • DEMO’s of sound project & Landscape Meme project
  • Log of Website progress & notes

Send Desktop Recordings of Projects // DEMO videos // Include prototyping work which is already here posted as previous content

TRIGGERS FOR SOUND -> Makey Makey? -> INSTALLATION -> Remember to give context needed for non Mexican people experiencing the Installlation 
*Reference for Installationmoving through space – Mike Nelson –

from Tumblr


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