Supervision 16/March/2017

Arts C – 10am

General notes:

Since the written work is in English but sometimes incorporates usage of words in Spanish I’m encouraged to use the term as it is in Spanish allowing to explain the negotiation though language and why that word works better untranslated but also explaining the meaning in English.

Change order of paragraphs to fit better the general understanding, for example, the paragraph in page 4 of draft works better as Introduction since it reminds the actual thing happening in the writing. 

Bring up-front the thematic: DIGITAL BORDERS and negotiations, accessibility to certain people and non-accessibility (rationale)

This piece of draft (Meme image analysis) could become the 1st chapter, which is why is important to keep in mind the bigger picture outline along with the central theme, look at variations in theme and maybe incorporate later a chapter I want to do on just video and only sound.

Expand and clear the picture of word meme by incorporating a bigger picture of Dawkins work, who disagrees with him? what are the limits of his work? on what way am I applying it to culture and specifically memes? Do a similar thing with Lemor Shifman analysis on stance, form, context analysing and saying what I feel it lacks or needs to be incorporated to better analyse my content.

Expand, add-on history to have a better comparison. Similarly to the way I incorporated briefly Day of the Dead and Aztecs customs to compare as older form of media. [foot-holes?] It’s good to hear more about cultural frameworks of Mexico to give contrast with new meme.

The general project is about the process memes go through to become viral and remain (become part of culture), the project is not about the origin of memes. to do with evolution rather than genesis. Nevertheless, there is something in the original that sticks in the mind and gets chosen to recreate or duplicate.

How to discuss, address meme? discussion, critique on Dawkins, expand more on Dawkins time of genetics, genome critique [discuss limits of the definition]

Incorporate in the discussion Mimesis/Alterity TAUSSIG since he not only mentions and incorporates relevant elements but also gets hold of culture and the past to understand the present, in other words, on how culture is replicated across space.

1st Draft is good to be a stream of consciousness, but for 2nd keep in mind bullet points outline to hook and hang to topic. [Another draft could incorporate corrections and tips given in workshops on language I’ve been attending for Academic writing]

Incorporate in writing [possibly] if useful commercial meme & file size. They came from the discussion on how I posted all memes I got on photoshop to be aware of their actual size and you can see how the small ones are made for phone and the big ones were created by commercial websites that want their content to get likes therefore someone with design knowledge created them like Pictoline. *Archive in memes in Milenio and Aristegui are also worth mentioning.

*Reappropriation* -Page 7 on draft – mimesis TAUSSIG incorporation. Find more solid references, negotiate through visual images.

Bring in more examples for distinction between my 3 groups on how they could also merge or become their own thing [1. Politics & The Wall 2. Mexican Culture 3. Pop Culture movies and film] concepts using borders

CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY Reference – Gillian Rose [read and search references]


– Taussig -> Walter Benjamin -> Why are people doing it? what is it doing globally? -> anthropology 

affect/emotion lack or missing in technology research, genome, etc. Acknowledge limits of disciplines – Comes from the realisation that Digital Culture tends to focus on the development of hardware and software rather than on the cultural or person individual effect – Meme: I’m sad/upset but I send Memes all day, in a sadly way.  

Possible new Outline?

Digital Borders & Negotiations 
-Chapter image meme (Dawkins, Shifman)
-Chapter video (remix?)
-Chapter sounds (disrupt geographical place with sound)
-Chapter websites (Situationists)

To Do:
Send objectives to supervisors and keep in mind through the whole writing [bullet points as outline could help]

Send updated Draft by noon – 19 April Wednesday 

Next Supervision – 24 April Monday in Arts C – 10.30am

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