Prototyping/Learning Update

Lab work

Multimedia Design and Applications

 4-6pm (06/March/2017)


Javascript and HTML 5 canvas

Learning html5 difference between using svg and MyCanvas in which you need to create a canvas but also a context where to draw, as well when writing for example a rectangle in contrast with Processing we also need to tell at the end to draw the function or it won’t appear ergo the need to draw: context.rect(x,y,w,h);
//meaning we are creating a rectangle in context but at the end adding the context.stroke();
//to actually draw it and make it appear

Right: Pixel Sorting with Save Image when clicking a key on keyboard

Updated my version of PixelSorting (Original Shiffman coding train #47) code to save an image when a key is pressed as well as sorted out why the size of image and background was different, is now working well if original size of image used is adjusted *check comments on code – In the future there is a need to incorporate the comments made by Emile on how it looks as a landscape of Mexican Culture (it even resembles an atardecer depending on colours used in memes) so it would be interesting to create a landscape on how the opposite would look like for example a meme collection of Trump supporters as the opposite of Mexican culture? //thought// 

For now an interest in creating new or different landscapes based on memes remains, for example, only Peña memes, El muro memes, Duarte one’s etc. but the idea to find and create the opposites remains although knowledge and research is pending upon which would be the actual opposite and of what. Also there is the thing that gathering and collecting all memes on photoshop is still a manual job as well as the acomodo of the same images since original size is respected on this first attempt but acomodo is randomly created by hand on Photoshop opening layer by layer due to difficulties of reading certain images when attempting to run a -Open in batch […]

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