Supervision 08/Feb/2017

General Notes
Arts C229

First week of May probably the 5th is the next submission deadline – Annual Review
A piece of practice and writing will need to be submitted to show to a panel as a mock VIVA

The main topic that links both my writing on psychogeography and Trump memes together with my practice is BORDERS – digital boundaries and how they articulate with virtual and physical space

Need to come up with at least 3 few ideas of practice work
1*Map the Internet as neighborhoods (Netflix vs Yaske)
2*Trump/Peña documentation video era
3*Sound connects you to memory – Mexico Noise Archive
0* Pending* search what gives me inspiration…

Simon and Emile will send literature to review around soundscape psychogeography and Judith Butler (?) humour resistance

When doing Interactive projects in arduino or processing do not attempt to do the techy light a bulb one or stuff since there is no point but rather incorporate from the beginning and work with material used in writing, for example, video and pictures or wall pics resolution, etc. Doing test that connect with work to be less ephemeral ex. Trumpet (trump) hair using processing and visual techniques

Use imagery of my work and screen record the test as video to show process 


Writing – Send something by March 6 April by noon
MeetingMarch 9 Thru at 11.30 
Use Interactive Project audit class to develop Practical work

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