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Meme Map (Prototyping)

Photoshop Prototyping

I had to manually go 10 image x 10 image to see which oneโ€™s showed a mistake in photoshop to then open using mpeg, take a frame and save again as a readable version. Since even the open all of them in layers didnโ€™t work or Photomerge. Now it could work so future prototyping of options is needed as well as exporting to use in Processing

Data Collection up until 23(Feb/2017)

Processing: Pixel Sorting is being tested to later be applied to this meme collection and further discuss patterns or similarities in the collection

The idea behind the quick prototype is a culture map based on memes.

Culture, emotion and mind is poured and gazed through the collection of memes each of them speaking of a particular element that is decoded only by those inside the culture that can interpret them.

Video could have a similar prototype by creating a collection of remix and funny videos to do video mapping, prototyping is required but questions arise on what surface? where? physically etc.

Missing: -si merezco riqueza memes (collected in previous 2 posts), duro contra el muro political version, etc.

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Pixel Sorting Test in Processing

I attempted to today to learn some Pixel Sorting since I would like to use my meme archive gathering and arrange in a way that would help visualize new patterns. I need to first collect all of them manually maybe via Illustrator so they keep individually as vectors but then saved as png or jpg to use in this quick test I learned through video tutorial


Screenshot of the step by step learning I copy and tried each part for easy understanding adding my own comments to the original ones for better and future modifications


Test is made with one of the memes collected to use


The code is then re arranging each pixel in the image on the left by hue or brightness, etc and now is going at 100 per pixel, future modifications required when meme collage is made will be acted uponย 


Future re arrangements could be done using:


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