PhD Supervision 22/Nov/2016

General Notes
Arts C229 

2nd year of PhD is after 6 terms of research

  • A Panel Report will be asked in which a sample of work along with an annual review will be needed for submission. 
  • A short draft chapter, composition or practice piece accompanied by a 500 word commentary contextualizing it within the overall thesis
  • A thesis panel will read it and form discussion in a mock VIVA experience to demonstrate how research is progressing


Emile will share the process on how twitter bot are created to create experimentation work along that, with the discussion on how fictional worlds are created online and how maybe through twitter bots we can see how the narrative emerges or how this bubbles break through each other, connect or aislar from each other. 

In Psychogeography there is usually a character which is the one having an experience on space, for the visual part of my work I could create a narrative in which a character surfs/walks online space and how sounds could trigger a non physical location, for example, exploring alongside a stream of peñabots in a hashtag on twitter, how people interact on Disney movie live in Latin American Spanish sharing their feelings of the movie, but suddenly having this typical Mexican sounds of physical space like camotes, tamales, se compra lavadoras, etc. both are part of your digital and cultural bubble.

In México (December):

Mapping space and the Internet by using a zoom recorder or hand equipment to record video of places used in previous experiments (Google Maps footage of streets because I didn’t have access and time to find raw footage), record sounds I intend to use (List in White Notebook filed as Mexico Archive Sounds) and interviews to people to grasp the feeling of Trump election and differentiate between the experience as a Mexican in UK and the Facebook stream along with a Mexican in Mexico with a similar Facebook feed (Fun aspect, memes, mocking, etc.) 

  • Create cut-out paper and prototyping in paper for visual experimentation of digital aspects
  • Record findings by scheduling, for example, logging to Twitter and Facebook 3 times a week and archiving material to use in the future for visual
  • Create a Field Diary in which to keep rigorous writing alongside the capture of content, for example, Tor experimentation and ideas popping in my head archiving the material along with the notes and ideas I got to expand later
  • The thesis or Field Diary is personal and private so clips, pictures, video can come along with written work (Archive + Field Diary) to organize thoughts later on video, meme, sounds, observations and why I felt that way since it;s all constantly changing and evolving in the Digital but also the topics like Trump election, Brexit, etc.
  • Post-it could be a good way to later better organize notes since I already have some notes in both cuadernos used for the master and PhD audit classes as this would then become a referencia to the digital source (video, meme, sound, etc.)


A Literature Review of the things being read at the moment alongside new comments and evolving of previous work (Remix, Societe of the Spectacle, Manovich, Identities in Digital thing I was going to do for Sally in Culture Identities and Social Practices)

Creative work recorded in Mexico and created by experimenting with it and paper prototyping of digital space mapping or film collage, etc.

Topics to cover (rambling overview): Peñabots comparison with strategy in USA bots, #NotMyPresident comparison with #NoEsMiPresidente, Live movies being displayed on Facebook for entertainment tackling Digital Borders (Disney Movies in Latin American) along with a new mapping of emotions in people since they send feeling faces through the movie, funny memes created around a specific topic #YaChole, Trump and the wall, ya se que no aplauden, Profeco tagging for Buen Fin inflación de precios, Tor Browser being not neutral but rather random since it randomly asigns IP so ads do not dissapear but rather are wrongly targeted comprising Digital Borders topic of neutral since you could still realize from where you are and access to content will now vary in a different way, along with all the things that limit you like frame size of monitor being displayed if you select expandir pantalla, empresas that became marketing oriented from being fan made in the beggining like Drama fever and Viki coming from access to Dramas sub by fans now being like Netflix, etc. etc. etc. …

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newdarkage: Britton Taylor on Twitter: “.@google this is…


Britton Taylor on Twitter: “.@google this is completely unacceptable.”

[Point one: Google are capable of editing live search results for political purposes. Point two: is this what we actually want? For Google or Facebook to determine the “truth” of news. Or rather, to reflect commentary on the world that we would like to see, rather than what is actually out there? Because this stuff might be bullshit, but we should be building literacy to deal with it, the educated, individual ability to assess and discriminate news sources ourselves, rather than expecting corporate software to do it for us.]

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