Supervision 04/Aug/2016

Emile Devereaux
Silverstone 13.30-14.30

There is a need to start thinking in the solidity that this PhD while give me regarding my future choice of career either to create a portfolio to work in the digital arts after graduation or build up knowledge and how-to to teach in Academia. Need to start discussing which would be the path I would like to immerse myself taking in consideration the opportunities or areas I would be able to explore in here and how I would like to developed them in the future in Mexico or how those two can create a bridge to future further possibilities.

I also need to take a closer look at my references by scamming through my main chosen sources and seeing their own chosen references to create a much more stronger direct link with the fields since being honest Remix work seems to be quite new in terms of how is talking about it so in the Academia world it would be expected to use those references but also bare in mind that I hold some other main sources that are people recognizable enough in the field to bare ground and create a link that sustains my research, for example, Manovich’s work. I need to find people I reflect with and find their writing engaging and interesting since they would be the ones to backup my work and also I need to like them since I will have to spend a lot of time researching them, so there is a need of finding and reading more references to at least have one main figure per area of my thesis ex. Culture, Semiotics, Geography, Media History, Digital Arts, etc.

In other words, there is a need to find references that would convince of relevance, that I am an authority in the academic world to speak using this Framework, since this is the idea or look in the academic world in order to build a voice of your own and given the risk in the concept of Remix since right now is popular but it might shift, change or vanish I need to balance this to appeal to academic skeptics about my work (Like in the scholarship, I proved why it is relevant and why it is important to study and in which ways it will benefit the country)

The people I already identify with might work as starting point like Castells work on Networks – 1 person per area -> recognizable figure

New Literature

*Michael Taussig – Mimesis and Alterity
Performance & Anthropology (talks about appropriation, marketing, tribes)
*Walter Benjamin – “Doctrine of the similar” (1933)
*Situationists – Guidebord / Recombinign text (semiotics) / Detournment Derrida
*The politics of aesthetics – Jacques Ranciere

Important: Write my response to Manovich work I find interesting and/or don’t exactly align with like the post on Facebook about how people from developed countries would never go to a developed country to study humanities since they know what is of real value (Idea is vague and might be misrepresented but as a starting point to discuss is relevant to see my understanding and point of view while developing my writing)

Internet – Culture – Networks

Research Paper – Deadline September 22

5,000 words

*Learning -> Processing Sketches (screen recording)
*Testing -> experiment with content I might use in projects
*Track of correspondence with other people involved or contacted to work/access info (Youtubers possibly to look at their data to map Mexican Culture) and/or Log of work and correspondance I put out there trying to make it work or seeing how it did or did not got share ex. (Mexican Politics Remix)

Specify what I would like to submit and send the improved chapter to Simon & Emile as a quick description outline on the deadline Sept 22 (I’m thinking of maybe choosing a chapter to further develop theory like chapter 1 and chapter 3 to start writing about the testing and possible outcome of the first project)

In SPRING -> Interactive Project Development

Set up a group of people to gather together and work or test processing, arduino, etc. to create collaboration or just try in each gathering for example to hook up the kinect to the computer every week (Look for people doing PhD and/or external Brighton arduino/processing groups)

In a whole, To Do List:

  1. Elegir personajes a seguir que me guste su estilo (Leer, Escribir, Corregir)
  2. Planear Outline de entrega al 22 de Sept – 250 palabras al día
  3. Test/Learning of ideas
  4. Buscar clases de arduino/processing o crear grupo de gente
  5. Escribir opiniones de ideas relacionadas ex. Manovich post
  6. Pensar en el futuro del PhD – teaching/digital art/ etc. 

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