A little Political? Funny Remix I did whilst being sick,After…

A little Political? Funny Remix I did whilst being sick,

After they told me on social media that the Mexican President had publicly apologized for the White House scandal (not the American, but another one) a friend reminded me it was just like he was singing and perfectly matching the lyrics of “Is it too late to say Sorry” by Justin Bieber to which I decided to use the Latino version they released (ft. J Balvin) and make use of juxtaposition of words of the song and image to deliver a different message decoded in different ways depending on the audience and the knowledge they have of the situation.

The video could have been improved to match and create more juxtaposition in the beginning with specific words they describe like the past and present of a relationship and end regarding as to who specifically is the “she” or person they are addressing to say sorry and/or who they wan’t to be close with, but since I did this in the spare of the moment and mainly for fun while recovering from sickness I hope it’s not too bad and a quick exercise that will allow me to further develop my technique and understanding of Remix in all its different forms.

FYI Until time of download video has only being restricted in 1 country, Germany because of music match but it has being also restricted to no views allowed on mobile phones while moneytization (is that a words?) is possible with ads

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/29K8Vn4


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