Sensing data workshop 21 July

ecologies of intimacy

As part of Ecologies of Intimacy  this event will focus on practices of data and sensing data. Please join us on 21 July, 1.30 pm – 5pm at the Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex for Sensing Data workshop.

All are invited to participate. To book your place, send an email to m[dot]tyzlik-carver[at]sussex[dot]ac[dot]uk, including information about your practice and/or why this is of interest.

This workshop is supported by Sussex Humanities Lab

About the workshop

Crudely speaking, data sensing is about sensor based relationships with the world. Sensors measure and register air pollution, humidity, water temperature, sound, light, movement and other phenomena occurring in the environment. They allow us the kind of connection with the world which when translated into data informs our understanding of environments we live in or remote places which we want to explore and exploit. The Internet of Things, Smart Cities are some of the examples…

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