(PhD Diary) Remix in the Making…

I’m currently working on a Remix based on MAD MAX – Fury Road to become MAD MEX – pending title. 

I will like to address the specific thematic chosen later when the remix takes more shape along with the narrative explanation and material chosen to create a new narrative that aligns with the know-how of the original (meaning the narrative aligns with the narrative of the movie and of the chosen trailer to reflect on the Mexican political/social situation)

So for now this is just a recapitulation that the material footage has being selected, the cut-paste has taken effect and the beginning of the Remix is on it’s way…

Aprox working hours ‘til recently:  I just know I started two days ago and sort of spend a whole day selecting footage, half another cutting and pasting the selected seconds to be remixed and another starting the remix along with notations on how it will take place, etc.. but since this project might become just an experimentation process, I’m taking time here and there to go back and forth between this, pending research and re-drafting my final research proposal.

P.S. Remember to find a way to recreate a similar typography for the ending title

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1OvSIv0


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