Supervision 27/April/2016

Arts C229

Comments on notes regarding definition of terms I did based on my own understanding of the words to feed the 4. Research Context of my Research Proposal:

  • Networks
    Be aware that by mentioning networks I’m using work of Bruno Latour on network theory in which posthumanism has a sort of origin on how we are embedded in networks and we have specific actors in human networks or nodes that sustain human relations and that when the network collapses it then becomes something else. Bruno Latour is linked with media and communication in terms of disciplinary work and besides posthuman and also rejecting his own work he leads the way to new theories like non-representational theory that works as a kind of post-post-structuralism
  • I’m sort of using metaphor’s to talk about each definition or phenomena and I need to indicate the under developed areas of my research, the direction in which is going and the specific actor or theory I’m suing ex.Network Theory/Posthuman
  • Indicate were I stand and where is place to explore in my Research (Could mention were I stand using specific quotes with the actual definition by the expert/thinker and then describe in what terms I use that)
  • Visualize -> Use examples to clarify my point and in a sort of practically speaking
  • Mention what my definition is not, it’s not this, create/define quick reference to visual culture for example using generic quote to say how visual culture is also about multimedia
  • Basic texts to work as Foundational text -> Expanded Media, Expanded Cinema  -> Intermedia Gene Youngblood uses actual projects of immersive environments in clubs
  • I could get into Expanded Cinema, research and even take some of the archive work to do Remix or sampling as material, Use Expanded cinema as a sort of prototype of what I’m doing because they are also participatory and could become sort of the history or background of what I’m doing with online content
  • Remix being a repository of media  -> use footage of others to Remix
  • Similar to how dj’s became vj’s and video art practices gain momentum in the 60′s I need to reference how for example through the arts I’m acknowledging my work as being interdisciplinary and what other disciplines I’m taking to analyse -> Navas may focused mainly on the musical background as that is the origin of Remix but it is interesting how I would draw attention to the visual part of Remix
  • Location 
    I mention it a couple of times through the descriptions and from the geography side I need to be aware of how I talk about location transcending physical and becoming something else not just a point on a map with GPS location but rather how on terms of my research location is described based on which network you are thus location has changed 
  • Take a look at how scientist work and present their projects being also experimental work, noting that most of the disciplines do poster presentations and is kind of boring figure how to have fun with the packaging of my work
  • Where is the division of media/content? Ex. Hitler video doesn’t work if you are German and understand the content so based on the culture and/or second language knowledge/ignorance the reception to the work is different 
  • Reception of level or Remix -> my work, diagram on my own work

To Do:

  • Assemble Research Proposal as Lego’s with the work and drafts from previous supervisions
  • Practice may include4 projects aiming for 5 
  • Create a timetable with clarity on deadlines understanding that the writing of chapters in handbook translates to practical work
  • Add to Plan how I’m gonna interact with my work and allow others to interact with it, for example, submitting to Festivals would need to mention the deadline of those festivals like Remix Conference in NY given the fact that I also need to allow time for people to interact, collect interaction data and then feedback on the research. Festivals related to the Arts/Academic or Scientific
  • Keep up with the diary to document how much work I’m doing and more or less how much time did I spend to have it ready
  • Brief description to position myself Ex. networks contrast where I am/where I’m gonna explore
  • Appropriation of Content and Remix Culture are big headers and sub-headers of those are Video Remix and Digital Content
  • Clarify through images maybe screenshots and links to videos

New Draft for 11 May 2016 by noon
Next Supervision Friday 13 May 2016 at 11am


Expanded cinema
G. YoungbloodStudio Vista 1970 Gene Youngblood
Practices of looking : an introduction to visual cultureMarita Sturken 1957- Lisa Cartwright 1959-Oxford : Oxford University Press c2001
Lisa Cartwright
The visual culture reader
Nicholas Mirzoeff 1962- editor. CucoFusco

Nikki Lee Photographer  – Ethnicity/Culture/Creative Project

Assimilation in terms of?
-Media Language

Language of Media / Creating Relationship of Content

from Tumblr


List of Internet phenomena

This is a partial list of social and cultural phenomena specific to the Internet, such as popular themes,catchphrases, images, viral videos, and jokes. When such fads and sensations occur online, they tend to grow rapidly and become more widespread because the instant communication facilitates word of mouth.

Link ->

A meme is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”.[2] 

Link ->

A viral video[1][2] is a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social mediaand email.[3][4]

Link ->

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14/April/2016 Supervision

Emile (Only) Supervision
SB 307 – 17.15-18.45

Based on my list of terms create sub-headers that can include thinkers or sub-terms linked to the original 


Explain space –> geography –> references
Hueco Teorico –> use of psychoanalytic theory when talking about Derrida, need to be aware it could be a danger zone, Do I wanna talk in those terms? or is it an unaddressed term? –> choosing field in those terms? –> recognizing what I’m working with…

Writing Style:
Use examples of real time situations of how I understand the term to make it more interesting to read and keep on exploring academic writing vs. interesting writing ex. I saw an article about a white guy using dreadlocks and the controversy it generated around when is it appropriate to call it appropriation, appreciation or assimilation and how that translates in a way to remix culture and videos, for example not only on Kai’s dreadlocks used as image to his music but also as to which terms am I calling it appropriation of content or appreciation

Slow down, instead of assuming the reader understand the quote in the same way as I do, slow down on the final outcome and analyse each quote explaining in which terms I talk about it, if I need to use the full quote or just a specific part and never using a quote as the end of a paragraph but rather giving my point of view on it. 

My writing could use remix as a way of how I write in post-structuralist in which the text is also a sign of the term remix, nevertheless, before attempting that it may be useful to go through writing where I have quotes to guide the reader back to my discussion

Explain what that field is doing, I’m using readings from this field because it allows to think in terms of space –> explain the framework –> why is it useful, for example, to explain in terms of space –> knowledge what is different, where I see the connections across with geography? –> why are they different?

It is ok, to use references even if they are in Spanish as they add to interest in the reader, even if they come from a newspaper or local news they can be added as source in the bibliography to understand in which terms I describe theory when talking about Remix Culture with local examples from Mexico

Extended Date to deliver Research Plan: 31 May
Keep in mind: Contact Eduardo Navas in regards to my work (interview/Skype)
Copy of notes provided by Emile – Draft of Literature Review  4/April/2016)
It is ok to send more work to supervisors and ask them to review, in this occasion I’m gonna strive to send more regarding final submission of Research Plan including corrections made by Emile and new material made available by Simon on psychogepgraphy

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